As a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI# 97158) I teach a broad range of authorized Cisco courses, mainly in the routing & switching and data center technology areas. I teach primarily for Fast Lane in the Netherlands, which acts as my CCSI sponsor.

I am currently certified to teach the following courses:

  • Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (DCACI)
  • Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS)
  • Introducing Cisco Unified Computing System (DCIUCS)
  • Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)
  • Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI)
  • Cisco SD WAN Operation and Deployment (SDWFND)
  • Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms (DEVASC)
  • Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST)
  • IPv6 Fundamentals, Design, and Deployment (IP6FD)
  • Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA)

In addition, I am also certified to teach the Arista Cloud Engineer (ACE) Level 5 Cloud Automation course, which I deliver for SDN Pros.