Querying the ACI object database with moquery

One of the most powerful aspects of ACI is the fact that all information about the state of the network is available in the object database that is stored on the APIC cluster. To access the information contained in this database you can use the GUI, which presents the information visually, or you can use the APIC CLI to present specific information in text format using more traditional NX-OS style commands. However, it is also possible to query the APIC object database directly using the managed object browser (also known as “visore”) and its command line form “moquery”. I found visore and moquery to be valuable tools in the ACI troubleshooting toolkit to supplement the GUI and APIC CLI. Unfortunately, I found the documentation of these tools to be somewhat limited and most of my knowledge about these tools was pieced together from various different sources. To gather some of the facts that I learned about the use of the moquery tool in a single place I decided to write this article. Continue reading