The “Unified Computing System Bootcamp (UCSBC)” is a custom course developed by Fast Lane that combines the content of the DCUCI and DCUCD courses into a single, intense 5-day course. It covers the design and implementation of a unified computing environment based on the Cisco UCS B-Series blade and C-Series rack mount servers.

Some useful information to supplement the content of this course can be found on the following sites.

Cisco Live 365

Cisco Live 365 (free registration required) is a great free resource for all things Cisco. It contains the session presentations from past Cisco Live events in PDF format. In addition to the PDFs, there are recordings for many of the sessions that you can review at your leisure. Pretty much all the BRKCOM presentations are worth reviewing when it comes to UCS, but I specifically recommend the following sessions as supplements to the DCUCI course materials:

Cisco Press

The Cisco Press book Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS): A Complete Reference Guide to the Cisco Data Center Virtualization Server Architecture is a great reference that contains a lot of detailed background information on the hardware and software architecture of the Cisco Unified Computing System.

Additional References:

  • Deploying Cisco UCS VM-FEX for vSphere: This three-part blog post includes a technology overview and a detailed guide to the implementation of Cisco VM-FEX on UCS (also known as passthrough switching or hypervisor bypass).
  • UCS WWN and MAC Pools: This blog post covers considerations in WWN and MAC pool design including examples.
  • VMware 10GE QoS Design Deep Dive with Cisco UCS, Nexus: This excellent blog post by Brad Hedlund covers several QoS design scenarios that can be applied to VMware environments running on top of UCS.
  • Appliance Ports in Cisco UCS: This post by Jeff “Jeff Said So” Allen covers the implementation of appliance ports for directly connected IP storage, including the configuration of jumbo frames for the storage VLAN.
  • VDI “The Missing Questions”: This series of blog posts on the Cisco Data Center Blog contain some valuable insights in VDI scaling and performance analysis.
  • Configuring LDAP AD for UCS 1.4.1 and above: This article contains a guide to implementing LDAP and multiple domain authentication for UCS. The article includes a video that provides a walkthrough of the configuration.

UCSBC Student Package

This zip file contains some useful PDFs that I use during the course.