The “Configuring the Cisco Nexus 1000v (DCNX1K) 2.0” course covers the implementation  of the Cisco Nexus 1000v distributed virtual switch for the VMware vSphere environment. This course is relevant for both network and VMware administrators that need to understand how to deploy and operate the Nexus 1000v. The course includes an introduction to VMware and VMware networking. It covers both the installation and deployment of the Nexus 1000v on vSphere, as well as the configuration of common NX-OS features. These topics are not only covered in theory, but are supplemented by labs that allow the students to practice these tasks and experiment with the Nexus 1000v.

The following sites contain useful references that supplement the course.

Cisco Live Online

Cisco Live Online (free registration required) is a great free resource for all things Cisco. It contains the session presentations from past Cisco Live events in PDF format. In addition to the PDFs, there are recordings for many of the sessions that you can review at your leisure. The following presentations provide further details on some of the concepts and technologies that are covered in the course:

Nexus 1000v community

The Cisco Nexus 1000v community is a useful place for finding documentation and information on new developments around the Nexus 1000v. Especially, the webinar series are interesting if you want to stay on top of new developments in the Cisco virtual switching and services environment.

Articles on this blog

I regularly write articles about topics related to the Nexus 1000v and the ecosystem that surrounds it. These posts can be found here.